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Introducing: Integration with The4

This article informs about integration between Growave and The4, a web design studio that builds and customizes Shopify themes for online merchants.

Introducing: Integration with The4

Which one is better, books or movies?

By now, you’ve probably heard, as all of us, a good dozen of times that movies will never be as good as books. Yet whether you choose to stick with one side of the debate or the other, the truth is that most people would still instead prefer to see a movie.

Why? The reasons can vary, but often it boils down to the simple fact that people crave visual experience. It stays in our memory for much longer and moves us far more than words can.

And in the world of eCommerce, your store’s look is that same experience. Sure, there may be no characters or plot, but the core stays the same - it’s all about people, looking for an image they can resonate with. This is why choosing the right theme for your store can become essential in connecting with your audience and building your brand.

And this is also why recently we got so happy at the opportunity to partner with The4, a web design studio that builds and customizes Shopify themes for online merchants.

The studio offers various styles and layouts, from clean and minimalist Kalles to warm and multicolor Gecko.

However, one thing stays the same - all themes are highly responsive and customizable, designed to suit and adapt to the needs of each of its users.

And now that we have partnered with The4, integrating the themes into your store has become a matter of a few clicks. No manual integration is required, since all our codes have already been built in The4 themes, making the process fully automated.  

Besides, our features and design have been well-adjusted to the layouts, allowing for a smooth and seamless blending of the elements on your store’s interface. So from Wishlist tabs to Reviews and Q&A section - all our features have been tailored to match the look of your store, creating an organic experience for your customers.

So no more problems with the setup, design, or features compatibility - by choosing Growave and The4, you get a simple yet effective solution for your UX/UI, packaged with the versatility of styles and dedicated support at each step of your journey.

A solution that wins you freedom to decide how your brand gets perceived.

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