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Best Assurance Against Competition - How to Find the Perfect Product to Scale your Online Business

This article will give key insight into selecting a perfect product for an online business. It will give you the context necessary to evaluate the worthiness of your product idea and how to scale your business.

Best Assurance Against Competition - How to Find the Perfect Product to Scale your Online Business

There is a wave of new and embolden entrepreneurs all over the world, that are yearning for a project they can call their own. Amongst those entrepreneurs are people like and you and I, who have limitless creative potential but didn't have an outlet until now. Many of those poor unfulfilled souls counting the minutes until something strolls along need not wait any longer. All the gimmicks you might find on social media that promise you independence; from financial markets, crypto currencies, to NFT's, all lack stable cashflow. In addition to these, users can also consider Ath crypto to check the rates of cryptocurrencies and NFT's. Sustainable business is an exchange of goods for fiat currency, given and received in good faith. Money is hard earned and scarcely chanced upon, and to break this good faith is comparable to cheapening the history of barter. Behind every single one of our 13,000+ Shopify stores is a story of hard work, determination and good faith. We shouldn't deviate too far from traditional trade as history began with cattle and grain. E-commerce is the one business model that demonstrates the highest sustainability and potential in todays world. Don't forget that Shopify is in many respects, just a simple "facilitator". You are the vision, the dream and the purpose.

E-commerce a Major Part of the Economy

The consumer discretionary sector only represent a portion of the whole US economy, and what makes the US economy so special is this sense of organization and synergy. The sector is supported by enormous infrastructure with Meta and Google and many consider digital marketing as the corner stone to modern trade. Industry trends indicate that it's becoming more and more economical to trade over the internet, while digital marketing is quickly becoming the tool of choice for many marketers. Its massive potential cannot be overstated and the trend towards e-commerce is becoming more obvious year after year. E-commerce is growing unbelievably important in the current global landscape. There is an unprecedented amount of businesses plugging in and running with it, more and more companies are introducing some form of digital marketing into their businesses model. It seems a digital framework is a must have asset in modern business. Having quick easy access to a massive network of customers and the ability to scale your business with limited resources, is an entrepreneurs dream.

Manufacturing Techniques are Constantly Evolving

Corporations and manufacturers utilize economies of scale in order to fulfill mass demand. The "corporation" is funded by the public in order to create large enough organizations that can suffice aggregate demand and develop new technologies. The creation of such organizations is primarily motivated by necessity and technological breakthroughs. They seek not to create long lasting and durable goods, but to simply suffice the demand in a repetitive fashion which would ensure further consumption. This system seeks to provide enough clothing, food and other finished goods for the worlds growing population by combining our capital resources. Manufacturing techniques have progressively improved over the past centuries and have grown quite impressive presently, with a combinations of both quality and quantity. A hundred years ago, life would have been extremely expensive and most things we have today would have been much rarer. We've made major leaps since the industrial revolution, but scarcity is omnipresent and as such these manufacturers have their limitations. Those limitations are manifested through factors such as raw materials, professional labor, and capacity of our production equipment.

How to Make Informed Product Choices

The sort of product we sell has a direct impact on our final outcome, and therefore analyzing our product is important. Placing subjective factors aside; there are two key points that define the potential of any singular product, its degree of sophistication and its availability. What does that mean in context? The market is composed of mass manufactured goods, which make up for a large majority of the market. To the contrary there are also goods which require higher degree of technical sophistication and expertise to produce which are far more exclusive. The mass produced goods are being pumped out and shipped globally with out failure. They fulfill the enormous global demand, but these items will always lack contrast and in turn have high elasticity of demand. It simple terms, it really doesn’t matter which store you buy them from, those items will always be more or less the same when it comes to production techniques.

It is important to understand the finer details of your target industry. In every nation and in every city, there are manufactures with unique tools making specialized goods that are more than likely wildly different from your own city. As is the nature of production there are minute details that superficially seem the same. The main determinate to the value of a product is the production techniques used to produce them along with the materials used in the process, these two questions are how we determine value objectively. There is no one identical product to another and we need to understand this important note in order to draw contrast. Quality and value are just blanket terms used to categorize and price items, specification is the real determinate. If we were to observe the basket of goods in a mid-western state in the USA and compare it to one in Eastern Europe, you will see the dramatic contrast between them.

How to tell when you have winning product:

  1. What were the materials used in the production process?
  2. What were the techniques and machinery used in the process?
  3. Are the techniques and materials commonly used?
  4. How advance or modern are the techniques and materials used?
  5. How long will the items last without losing their quality and originality?
  6. What are the premier materials currently used in the industry?
  7. Is it economical to source the items and is the asking price viable?

Why is it important to seek out diversity in production techniques?

We’ve established that there is enormous supply of basic items and that they lack technical diversity from items manufactured using similar techniques and materials. The selling power of these generic items is typically very weak due to their substitutability and short term usability. In this statement lies the key; the technically superior producer can provide you with a product which differentiates from your competition and out performs on all metrics. Besides the primary advantage of exclusivity and higher comparable quality, we also have the benefit of natural barriers to entry. The difficulty of sourcing such items and the degree of manufacturing difficulty, the "difficulty" itself becomes a natural barrier to entry. Whats more, exclusive products have more bargaining power and get to dictate their prices so long as demand persists. Luxury goods are great examples of how technically diverse items can be extremely profitable.

Limitations to Branding - Using Product Sophistication to Scale Business

Basic business models general use those very same mass produced goods and while relying heavily on branding to create the guise of value. The issue is that these items are generic and that their quality is very obviously inferior. The idea of rebranding to create the illusion of authenticity fools no one. In the events after purchase your consumer will realize the weaknesses in your value proposition and you will more than likely lose that client permanently, and losses such as this are individual events transpiring in mass. The best policy and the summarization of this whole article can be encompassed in the idea of after sale value of your product. Now it is possible that some consumers don’t even notice the difference between one sweater and another, because to them it might have to do with warmth or affordability. It is however important to remember that qualitative values are more sustainable, and that subjective ones that can manifest consumer regret. The competition is always thinner at the top, because fewer and fewer people are able to replicate superior business models. If you want to build a brilliant and fast scaling business through Shopify then the key is in the sophistication of your portfolio.

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