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Launching your Business with Ecommerce

The prominence of the Internet has made ecommerce easier and more accessible than ever before. When we also consider competition, we will discover that ecommerce and digital marketing are very important for any real growth in the modern world. Technology is engrained in our societies and its appears that isn't going to change anytime soon.

Launching your Business with Ecommerce

If this article found you, then there are three situations that you may be in:

First, you're looking to expand your traditional brick and mortar business, while trying to figure out how or why you should start integrating ecommerce into your business. Lucky for you, having an already operating business is an ideal position for expansion into e-commerce and this article will try to convince you.

Second, you are looking to start a passion project or small business through the internet. This article will touch on how you can very quickly begin operating your very own entrepreneurial practice with as little as time and the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Third, you're at ground zero and you're searching for a way to build something from the ground to call your own, but you're not done planning and still looking for clues that can alter your thinking. You want to know how people are executing all these brilliant product ideas and you want to learn about the skill of digital marketing and ecommerce.

The Unique Characteristics of Online Business

Amongst all the considerable options available for young entrepreneurs, digital marketing and e-commerce are the most accessible. Even if you haven’t developed a product to sell, it requires some sort of marketing to brand and communicate your product's qualities to prospective investors. If you're serious about building something novel, creating buzz or drawing attention, you can do so without a deliverable product. Think up a storm and place a "coming soon" sign in front of your store.

Consider for a moment if you would rather pay the high price of renting a billboard to market a product, or would you rather build a creative website or social profile to see how it fits with your prospective client base for feedback? You must have heard by now how inexpensive a first website is, and how easy it's becoming to build them without any programming skills. The expectation today is to have a fully functioning website up in less than a week. While physical locations have the drawing power for shoppers, ecommerce has a global customer base who are interactive and cumulative. When we compare the methods used to market a product or service, digital tools outperform physical ones across almost all metrics.

Ecommerce is widely accepted as a beneficial addition to modern life, there are a few drawbacks to this form of business. The whole concept of e commerce is based on processing, storing and delivering your product. This is the only real functional hurdle that exists in ecommerce, which implies the need for infrastructure. Therefore, one must first confirm that the product is deliverable to the customer before marketing to their region. Luckily for us the internet is attuned to these issues and provides plenty of solutions to all of our potential problems, most notably in developed nations which have countless options.

The Internet is the best option for young entrepreneurs to launch a project.

Let's assume that you want to start a business but you weren't committed to any one idea. E-Commerce is as all about the actual platform you use to manage and market your business, whether you have a product in mind or not. This knowledge is what we call digital literacy, when these methods are known, the process of establishing a business is always the same. For the young entrepreneur, who is driven by ideas, who seeks to establish him or herself. The internet is about sharing of ideas, thoughts and stories. The cost of operations, the inventory, the rental fees and any other problems that may arise from managing a traditional business should be reason enough to find a more manageable mode of operation.

Clarity of Information and the Abundance of Information

We are inherently perfectionists, carefully collecting information in preparation for whatever we do. Content has to serve a purpose or else it will create no demand, as such the internet has filled up and is actively kept up to date with vital educational resources. The wide open internet is a competing grounds for billions of users and blogging is one of the most popular ways to create a coincidence of wants. This blog is an example of that same principle.

What you will typically find browsing the internet is a constant flow of solutions to any problem that you can imagine, and if that problem doesn’t have a solution then that is now an opportunity. These resources can guide our decisions, while adding value to our business. In the plainest of terms, when we suggest something like benefit: very obviously we mean cashflow but growth potential is also important. Another important consideration we need to make is our degree of risk; how quickly can we exit our position, how much did we invest and how high is our upkeep? Clearly there is a order of importance in creating high value assets on the internet, it may not be clear, but there is certainly a way.

Building Digital Equity

Let's imagine the location and architecture of a building and how they affect the value of a  fixed asset. How can we expect for each piece of real estate to be valued the same? In a high population location, we can also expect for most properties if not all to be occupied with existing businesses. It may be the case that your domestic market is high resilient to new entrants. Real Estate is the most competitive industry because of its limited nature.

Website, Social Media, Search Engines and Domains. This is the closest you can come to real estate on the internet. They are your private piece of property and how you develop them can be very equitable. There is an active secondary industry that trades in online businesses based on their earning potential and build quality. I recommend you read this article and explore the many trading platforms that enable e-commerce as a practical solution. A key observation to keep an eye out for is how these businesses monetize their traffic and how they create a realtor website design that actually attracts traffic.. This ability to convert your traffic into revenue is a very important distinction in the entrepreneurial journey.

When it comes to growth of any business there is an ordered set of events that need to transpire so that we can begin selling our product or service. This starting “difficulty” in very general terms, has influence over people's willingness to do business. The ability to begin operation in stages is integral towards the viability analysis of any project. All initial projects on the internet can begin with very minimal upkeep. In theory, all you need is the domain which can be purchased for as little as a McDonalds meal and a website builder to avoid the need for programming knowledge.

Benefits of E-Commerce:

  1. Qualitative and Dynamic

Whatever you may want to include as part of your branding or website, requires some time to set up and produce, but remains available publically for as long as you want to keep it. This includes the pages you build and content you produce. When we handle our marketing through the internet, quality and objectivity serve the same function. By thinking of these things as being long-term goals, you are able to invest in qualitative content which will create a more engaging asset over the course of years. This enables you to slowly develop your digital assets by adding incremental value.

  1. Launching Pad for Businesses

When we say start-up costs, we mean as a single business owner and starting from scratch. At a minimum, a domain is all that is truly required which can cost as little as 10$ a year. The number of business models that exist on the internet are growing and this is a far stretch from what seems like endless lists of requirements for traditional business.

  1. Infinitely Scalable

When investing into a real estate such as an apartment building. The investment capital is very high, and the return is planned in advance based on the markets prices. You cannot wish for more apartments once a project is built. There is a fixed return on a fixed amount of apartments and the rate of return is known before the building is built. Digital business in all its forms, is the most scalable model in the world. Let's imagine that there are roughly 5 billion daily internet users daily, and only 1% of those users are actually interested in your product or services. That lowly figure of 1% comes out to some 50 million people, what we don't understand is that traffic could be worth millions if not billions of dollars.

  1. Reputable and Cumulative

The same thing that has been happening for thousands of years, hasn’t changed at all. Word of mouth and the formation of opinions are the world's most powerful motivators.The fastest avenue for product exposure and creation of global demand can be created from something as little as time and a website. Because the web is a fixture in our lives, it also allows for the scaling of your website through constructive development over time.

Regulation and Monetization

Monetization on the internet is a very important topic because it can be locked behind regulation. At early stages of your operation monetization is a secondary priority, but later on it is what makes your project viable. There are numerous creative ways to generate cashflow on the web like product endorsement through blogging, podcasts and social media. The main point is that the process of monetization requires regulatory reformation, a step that must be taken at some point in the life of your business. The good news is that the process in ecommerce is often easier then in traditional business. It would be irresponsible of me to exclude regulation from the topic of ecommerce given how to actual processing of payments and reception money is an indirect objective for every venture.


Physical Business has been the most common mode of operation and will always exist. There are major arguements for starting your own traditional business. It just so happens that with the prominence of the Internet, that the ecommerce has become easier and more accessible then ever before. When we also consider competition, we will discover that ecommerce and digital marketing are very important for any real growth in the modern world. Technology is engrained in our societies and its appears that isn't going to change anytime soon.

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