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New Partnership: Growave x ConnectPOS

Growave is always searching for new partnerships to help build value for our customers. ConnectPOS is a cutting edge cloud based POS system that can upgrade your shopping journey.

New Partnership: Growave x ConnectPOS

At Growave our primary objective is the success of our merchants. We often take an open approach, which includes searching for new indirect ways of creating value. One of these ways of creating value is through partnerships with top businesses. Growave proudly announces our latest partnership with ConnectPos which promises to bring a new degree of automation, versatility and productivity to a wide variety of industries.

An ultimate objective for most managers is the automation of working processes, generating actionable information and increasing the efficiency of existing resources. New technologies such as ConnectPOS are exceptional in actualizing these sorts of changes.

Why should you integrate ConnectPOS?

1. ConnectPOS is compatible with a broad variety of industries and all top e-commerce platforms.
2. As POS Solution it increases your physical stores technical sophistication, allowing for easy check-out and quick price look up.
3. It is excellent for synchronized inventory management and offers Multi Source Inventory for managing multiple warehouses.
4. Mobile POS App allows shoppers to use their devices to browse your catalogue with the ability to order out of stock items. The native mobile app is compatible with IOS, Windows and Android.
5. The Customer Screen improves the shopping experience and allows for advertisement at check-out and across devices.
6. ConnectPOS offers excellent 24/7 Customer Service ensuring little to no down time.
7. Their app has been awarded for its cutting edge technology.

Most importantly ConnectPOS elevetes your stores efficiency, data management and customer experience. They offer specialized services for multiple industries, including restaurant front and back end management.

In combination with Growave, ConnectPOS can deliver a more competitive upgrade to your e-commerce and physical businesses.

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