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App highlights:


Add to your store AI-powered product panels that help your customers find the most relevant products. Increase sales even further by adding a non-intrusive in-cart upsell offer. All of our widgets are highly customizable and can work automatically.

The app can be enabled/disabled in your theme settings with a single click. It’s fully compatible with the new O.S. 2.0 system. You don’t need to edit any of your theme liquid files to use it. It just works! The app works perfectly with all themes and if you have any sort of issues, we are always available to help and offer a quality and responsive service!

Key Features:

  • Flexible rules for effective upsell and cross-sell widgets
  • Display your customers with more products on every visit
  • Unlimited variants for offers location
  • Post-Purchase Upsell
  • Scout - a new approach to online shopping
  • OS 2.0 Compatible - No programming/coding required
  • Increase your conversion rate with tailor-made product recommendations;
  • Boost average order value by offering your clients extra products before checkout;
  • Build your own product bundle with customized cross-sell offers.

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